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The Omorica nursery was founded by us in 1999.

Our farm is located in a picturesque, hummocky part of the Barlinek forest.

Since the beginning, we have been growing deciduous plants in containers, however, in order to meet the expectations of our clients and in an attempt at expressing our passion, we have been introducing new varieties to production. Currently, on an area of 12 ha, we are growing bushes, deciduous and coniferous trees in containers and in soil.

We produce the saplings from our own, genetically-pure mother plants or we purchase them in renowned domestic and foreign companies.

In order to grow healthy and resilient plants, the saplings are rooted in multi-forms, and for the next year, they grow in P7 and P9 containers.

Trimmed several times and well-formed, they are replanted to target flowerpots. After the next year, marked with colorful labels and packed on CC racks, they are transported to the recipients.

Throughout the production period, we use slow-action fertilizers, which nourish the plants even when they are growing with the clients.

In producing highest quality material, we take advantage of our professional technical resources, modernized through continuous investments, e.g. a pot filler, a Big Bali chopper, modern tunnels, a production hall.

Our nursery offers wholesale products for gardening centers, landscape design companies, housing estates, communes, etc. In response to the expectations of our clients, we opened a new store for ornamental bushes in Moczkowo in 2010. In the store, we offer a wide assortment of plants, as well as turf substrates and bark.

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Anna i Bernard Kostrzewscy